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Posted at February 14th, 2019

Home - HowToWorkOnACruise.com :: HowToWorkOnACruise.comClick Image To Visit Site“What other job requires you to travel all over the planet while your bank account grows by thousands of dollars every month? There simply is no other job that offers these kind of life-changing benefits.”

My name is Derek Baron and I’ve worked on board 10 different cruise ships as a Tour Manager over the past 6 years. Liz Aceves, my close friend, has spent 3 years on board ships, working in some kick-ass positions that few people even know exist.

Every single crew member on every single cruise ship knows this term – ship life. It represents the unique and fascinating lifestyle of working and living on board cruise ships.

Of course, we understand that it may be hard to believe that working on a cruise ship is as good as we just made it sound. So let us set the record straight. If you want to know whether or not you should work on a cruise ship, here’s what to expect:

WORLD TRAVEL – You’ll visit and explore (yes, you’ll have free time to explore) such parts of the world as Alaska, Australia, the Baltic, Canada, Caribbean, Central America, Eastern and Western Europe, Hawaii, India, the Mediterranean, Middle East, Norwegian Fjords, islands of the South Pacific, South America and Southeast Asia. Basically, cruise ships are all over the world these days!

But if you’re ready for the above and a world of new opportunities, there is simply no better way than to work on a cruise ship. The truth is…

“I always say that working on cruise ships as an Entertainment Host was the ultimate job. Who else would pay me to hang out with passengers all day, travel the world and meet amazing people? BEST EXPERIENCE EVER… AND I was able to… Read more…

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